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PACE Suite - Application Packaging & Virtualization Software PACE Suite - Application Packaging & Virtualization Software

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        Task Management Tool: Workflow Solution to Tackle App Packaging Challenges

        Is your way of managing application packaging workflow effective or too cumbersome? Having worked with many engineers over the years, we’ve learned how hard and unproductive it is to juggle multiple task management tools to handle the entire workflow, documents, repositories, and communication while collaborating with teammates and clients.

        Problems of Packager Teams with Task Management Tools

        Many service providers and their teams face similar challenges with multiple tools, usually dispersed, to organize their teamwork. These solutions are out-of-the-box generic task management systems and document management solutions that lack customization. Modifying these products to the specific needs of each team is often time and cost-consuming and problematic when upgrading them.

        In addition, the lion’s share of the application packaging workflow, such as the file exchange process with the customer, is done manually, in which case the file integrity is not warranted. Overall, the automation capabilities of generic task management tools are limited, and the overall process consists of extra work that leads to a higher percentage of human errors.

        When working with classic task management tools, engineering teams face the following issues:

        • Low automation capabilities
        • Extra work
        • Too many tools with poor customization abilities
        • Disrupted communication with teammates and clients.

        Resolving Challenges of Application Packaging Teams

        As packagers, we know what it takes for a team to correctly arrange the workflow when you have to deal with many things like repository credentials, communication with clients, handling orders of multiple customers, managing team workloads, etc.

        To alleviate the everyday burden of an application packager, we created PACE Packager Hub, a tool that can efficiently become your team’s best task management software.

        PACE Packager Hub is an all-in-one solution that, unlike the most popular team-task management tools on the market, is specifically tailored to the needs of app packaging engineers and covers the entire lifecycle of the app packaging order. It encompasses customer servicing, order & task management and enables users to work with multiple repositories smoothly.

        Key Features of PACE Packager Hub:

        • Support of multiple isolated projects
        • Order tracking and assignment
        • Order-related activities all in one place (communication, files, docs, and history)
        • Automation of order management with Business Rules
        • Integration with packaging tools
        • Deep customization of every project (workflow, attributes, notifications, repositories, etc.)
        • Work with many repositories from one place
        • Intelligent package delivery with built-in file integrity checks
        • In-a-click package download for the customer
        • Workload balance of the packaging team
        • REST API for seamless integration with your ecosystem.

        PACE Packager Hub Architecture

        The solution consists of two modules — Task Manager and Repository Manager.

        With the help of the Task Manager, you can handle and track orders, communicate with clients and teammates, and follow the workflow. This module incorporates the capabilities of the best task management tools like Jira, Trello, or Asana and document management software.

        The Repository Manager allows you to store and manage packages on repositories, check their integrity during delivery, and run automation scripts against packages.


        Many application engineers encounter some challenges when dealing with orders, communication, and app packaging workflow. They use diverse applications and online task management software to keep up with the workload. To help them effectively resolve application packaging workflow challenges, we created PACE Packager Hub.

        This workflow tool enables app packaging service providers and their teams to streamline their everyday activities efficiently. The solution is highly customizable — each team and engineer can configure it for their individual needs or objectives. PACE Packager Hub allows its users to service their clients, handle package orders, deliver those packages, manage documents and repositories, and freely communicate with customers, team members, and supervisors in one place.

        You can test it for 21 days after requesting a trial key on our website and start experiencing the benefits of the tool right away.

        If you’d like to go into more detail, feel free to request a free demo session of PACE Packager Hub with our experts.