Inspired by packagers, designed for packagers

PACE Products

Build an ideal software environment for your application packaging team with PACE Suite – intelligent application packaging tool for creating and editing MSI, MSIX, AppX, App-V, ThinApp, IntuneWin packages and PACE Packager Hub – a workflow solution for managing customer servicing, teamwork, and processes. Developed in Ukraine. Powered by Infopulse.

Key Advantages

  • Effortless running of complex user scenarios
  • Automation of packaging processes & high quality of output packages
  • Regular updates of the software
  • Competent customer support by professional packagers
  • Flexible and affordable license models
ODBC What is Open Database Connectivity and what is it for? It’s importance and implementation with the new UI for the ODBC in PACE Suite 5.8. Learn more >
Creating MST files UPDATED: The how-to on MSI Transform files: a step-by-step guide on creating, opening MST files, editing and using them with PACE Suite. Learn more >