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PACE Suite - Application Packaging & Virtualization Software PACE Suite - Application Packaging & Virtualization Software

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        About Us

        PACE Products: Inspired by packagers, designed for packagers

        We designed PACE Products to elevate the application packaging experience of engineers. App packaging tool PACE Suite and workflow management software PACE Packager Hub were developed by the full-service solution provider Infopulse. Real-life landscapes inspired us to help application packaging engineers resolve associated challenges. Both solutions were born out of an on-demand application packaging service and have been guided by senior packagers since then with regular updates.

        We are here to enhance your experience

        PACE Products ensure smooth application packaging processes and their workflow management with the help of customization and automation opportunities, a user-oriented approach, and flexible pricing.

        Among our clients, you can find large companies from healthcare, financial, automotive, construction, security and defense industries, as well as government and educational institutions. PACE Products became application packaging solutions for the large number of service providers in Europe, Australia, and the US. Read what our customers think about PACE Suite.

        More about the PACE Products

        The story behind: How it all started

        In 2005, Infopulse was working on an application packaging project. We were challenged by this case, as it was very time- and effort-consuming. To help our engineers finish the tasks easier and faster, we developed a tool to automate processes for MSI packages creation and testing. Eventually, it was an internal solution used only by Infopulse’s engineers.

        Then we thought: “If the solution works for us, it could work for thousands of application packagers all over the world to deal with app packaging routine.”

        And so we shared.

        That’s when the initial version of PACE Suite hit the road in 2008. Since then, we’ve been improving the tool according to our customers’ contributions and market demand, aiming to address evolving challenges and adhere to modern tech trends.

        In 2021, we launched PACE Packager Hub to help packagers and their clients manage orders and operational processes under one roof. We united PACE Suite and PACE Packager Hub under the PACE Products to keep our strategies, mission, and vision aligned and transparent.

        PACE Products by Infopulse

        Infopulse is a trusted international vendor of services in the areas of Software R&D, Application Management, Cloud & Infrastructure, and Cybersecurity to SMEs and Fortune 100 companies across the globe.

        Being part of  Tietoevry Create, the leading Nordic digital services company, we share European business culture values and quality standards. We support our clients in long-term partnerships to empower new flexible business capabilities, drive continuous technological and service improvements, and reduce costs.

        Certified Vendor: infopulse certificates Microsoft gold partner

        Awards: componentsource award 2024 top 100 publisher 2023top 100 publisher awardtop 100 publisher award

        Infopulse Office Locations

        • Infopulse Headquarters: Łódź, Poland. Business center REACT, Marszałka J. Piłsudskiego 24 ave., 90-051
        • Infopulse Germany GmbH: Frankfurt am Main, WINX-Tower, Neue Mainzer Straße 6-10, 60311
        • Infopulse Netherlands: Den Haag, Tauro Statenkwartier, President Kennedylaan 19, 2517 JK
        • Infopulse Ukraine: Kyiv, Podil Heritage Business Center, 28/12 Verkhnii Val st, 04071
        • Infopulse Brazil: Rio de Janeiro, Av Rio Branco 89 suite 802
        • Infopulse Bulgaria:Sofia, Campus X, 31 Alexander Malinov Blvd. 1729