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PACE Suite - Application Packaging & Virtualization Software PACE Suite - Application Packaging & Virtualization Software

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        PACE Packager Hub 2.3: Extensive User Experience & API for Integration

        PACE Packager Hub 2.3 is out now

        With the latest PACE Packager Hub version 2.3, we are broadening the integration capabilities of the workflow solution and multiplying the customization, convenience and automation options of the tool for application packaging teams.

        We are grateful to everyone who participated in our surveys and offered their feedback, so we could enhance our product. Meet the notable new functionality and enhanced features that come with PACE Packager Hub 2.3.

        REST API

        With the introduction of the REST API in PACE Packager Hub 2.3, it’s now possible to seamlessly integrate the solution with the client’s ecosystem. The API allows users to remotely interact with the PACE Packager Hub server to get or set the necessary information.


        Bulk Edit

        The new Bulk Edit functionality boosts the solution’s usability and makes the work more convenient. It allows users to edit multiple Orders at once using bulk operations. You can also update the necessary attributes or statuses with the Bulk edit and Bulk status change features.


        Table Templates

        Now you can work with Tables even faster and more comfortably. Configure the table columns, sorting options, filters, and save this configuration as a personal Table template. Create as many templates as you need, and reset their configuration to the default view with only one click to cancel the template settings. Switch between multiple table templates to find the necessary Orders and Packages for your projects.

        table template

        Individual IDs Prefixes

        It is now possible to easily and quickly visually differentiate orders and packagers with the help of individual prefixes for synthetic Order & Packager IDs (e.g., ORDER-ABC-1, PKG-ABC-1). Also, you can set the initial number for synthetic Order and Package IDs, when after migration to PACE Packager Hub you want to avoid conflicts with existing IDs in the previous system.

        Business Rule Enhancements

        In this release, we continued developing Business Rules to bring more automation to the process flow and minimize manual work. The new feature Run now allows running the rule immediately, disregarding the configured rule trigger; it can be used for an instant one-time edit of multiple Orders.

        The View rule matching Orders shows a list of Orders which match the defined Business Rule conditions. This may be very useful when you create/update the rule conditions and want to test the rule. What’s more, here you can run the rule against the specific Order from the list by clicking Run now in the Actions column.

        Dashboard Customization

        In addition to the appearance and location settings of Dashboard widgets, you can set the number of days displayed in the Due Dates widget. The more Due Dates of Orders you can see, the better plan you can make.

        We have also made a series of improvements and bug fixes in the new version of PACE Packager Hub 2.3 – discover the full scope of the new features in the PACE Packager Hub Release Notes and see how it works in the User Guide.