Do you have a roadmap?

Yes, we do. And we encourage our customers to add their requests to the scope of next release. Please send us your requests at PACE Support.

March 2016 – PACE Suite 3.5 – added support of ThinApp 5.X, integration with MS SCCM 2012, and the improved stability and performance.

July 2016 – PACE Suite 4.0 – brought a full support of Microsoft App-V 5.x technology that enables you to create and edit packages for virtual application.

September 2016 – PACE Suite 4.1 – got a new modern look and and improved usability.

February 2017 – PACE Suite 4.2 – improved performance, fully editable permissions, creation of Response Transforms.

April 2017 – PACE Suite 4.3

  • Dramatically enhanced performance of building MSI with MSI Generator
  • Exporting registry keys to a REG file
  • Importing .NET assemblies and 64-bit COM information
  • and a number of implemented changes requested by our customers

Autumn 2017

  • Support of Microsoft Universal Windows Platform (appx)
  • Wizard for installation capturing
  • New Quality Assistant for Windows Installer packages
Spring 2018
  • Library of Custom Actions
  • Signing Windows Installer packages with certificates
  • Updated Active Scripting mechanism (combined with Quality Assistant by a common approach)

Request your change at our Support page!

Can I leave my feedback on the PACE Suite functionality?

Yes, if you have any questions or comments on the PACE Suite functionality, and especially, ideas of what is missing in the product, please feel free to submit a ticket and be sure to receive a prompt reply from our technical support experts. Your comments will be thoroughly analyzed and considered by our Product Development Team and they may even influence the 2016 Product Roadmap in general.

Do you sell the components, which are included in PACE Suite, separately?

No, with the changes in the release v3.5, PACE Suite will be sold as a complete set of tools, no more single components.

Is a license per-user or per-machine?

The license is per-user. E.g. if you have a team of 3 packaging engineers who will be using PACE Suite, then you need 3 licenses.

Can I use one license on multiple machines?

Yes, a licensed user can use PACE Suite on multiple machines, physical or virtual. However, if one more individual needs to use the software, then one more license is required.

Can I use the software on a virtual machine?

Yes, the Software works well in a virtual environment.

Do you have a bug tracking system?

Yes we do. If you know of any bugs in PACE Suite, please submit a ticket and we will fix them ASAP.

Do you provide a volume discount?

Yes, if you need more than 5 licenses, don’t hesitate to contact us for a free quote .

Do you provide discounts for educational, governmental or non-profit organizations?

Yes, we offer a 50% discount for schools and universities, as well as for governmental and non-profit organizations. Please, contact us now for a free quote.

Do the packages created using a trial version work after the trial ends?

Yes, the trial version creates fully functional packages. However, the trial version is not intended for a commercial or production usage. Download the FREE trial now >

Once the maintenance expires and I do not renew, will the software stop working?

No. If your maintenance period expires, you still can use PACE Suite any time long. You will just not be entitled to receive upgrades and support until you renew. Renew your maintenance now >

How to upgrade to the latest version of PACE Suite?

If you have an active maintenance, you you can upgrade directly from the program. For more detailed instructions, use the upgrade guide.

Can the complexity estimation feature be tailored to my custom complexity definitions?

Yes, PACE Suite allows configuring the complexity criteria and levels to your specific needs.

Is Docu Generator a part of PACE Suite or it is something separate?

Docu Generator is included in PACE Suite. See all features >

Is it possible to create a patch (MSP) with PACE Suite?

Yes, starting from version 3.5, MSI Editor, a part of PACE Suite, allows you to save your work as an MSP and to create an MSP based on a delta between two MSI’s.

Can PACE Suite capture changes on a system and have them appended to an existing MSI?

Yes. To do so, please use MSI Generator, a part of PACE Suite, to capture the changes, then choose “MST” output type, and select an original MSI.