PACE Suite The fastest, easiest and most reliable tool to package your applications.


PACE Suite Boost productivity by 20% with a set of unique application packaging features.


PACE Suite Save with our flexible licensing model, while running any number of physical and virtual machines.

PACE Suite
The fastest, easiest and most reliable tool to package your applications.

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PACE Suite Pro
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PACE Suite MSI provides a complete feature set for packaging and repackaging of your applications in the Windows Installer format. The Suite consists of two components – MSI Generator and MSI Editor.
  • Customize and tailor existing installations
  • Repackage any legacy setup to the MSI format
  • Author MSI/MST/MSP
  • Edit MSI/MST
  • Convenient advanced MSI database tables editor
  • Manage upgrades, and more

PACE Suite Pro

PACE Suite Pro is the right choice for you if you need to create both Windows Installer and virtual package format (Microsoft App-V).
  • Repackage, create, and edit packages in the Windows Installer format (MSI, MST)
  • Convert your applications to the Microsoft virtual formats (App-V 4.x and 5.x)
  • Edit App-V packages
  • Create application discovery documents
PACE Suite Pro consists of MSI Generator, MSI Editor, App-V Editor, and Docu Generator tools.

PACE Suite Enterprise

Employ the full power of PACE Suite Enterprise and ensure the highest performance application packaging and deployment.
  • Create, convert, and edit Windows Installer packages (MSI, MST, MSP, MSM)
  • Create, convert, and edit virtual packages (Microsoft App-V and VMware ThinApp)
  • Automate your work with bulk packaging and conversion
  • Publish to Microsoft System Center 2012 and 2007
  • Advanced Quality Assurance
  • Advanced reports and documentation creation

Benefits of Pace Suite:

100% integration into your workflow
Advanced features
Excellent support
quality packages
Intuitive user interface
Saved costs
free migration
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