App-V Generator

App-V Generator, the part of PACE Suite, enables IT pros to sequence or directly edit App-V packages of any complexity smoothly.

Employ App-V Generator’s unique features – save time and avoid headache!

OSD scripts library

Your scripting knowledge base

App-V Generator is your knowledge base of OSD scripting solutions, growing with each new issue you may face. Easily implement pre-defined or your own OSD scripting templates without need to edit xml file manually.

Directly edit App-V package

Avoid complicated package upgrade procedure

No need to perform an upgrade just to correct a single character, update file or setting anymore! Open any App-V package and directly amend any resources or settings inside SFT or OSD. Add files or registry – just like you’re editing an MSI package.

Properties Inspector

Discover issues beforehand

App-V Generator’s Property Inspector enables you to scan virtual registry and files for any type of trouble-making hard-coded data, such as machine- or user-specific paths and names and replace them with corresponding App-V properties.

Import/Export any resources

Import or export any files, folder trees, registry entries and even services..


Prepare sequencing environment easily

App-V Generator does not require installation – it can be launched from anywhere and on any machine, even with Microsoft App-V Client installed.

Use MSI Generator project

Leverage from using the complete PACE Suite

No need to go through a full sequencing process to virtualize an application you’ve already repackaged with MSI Generator. Just open a project and save it as an App-V package.

Advanced OSD options

100% control through a friendly interface

Edit an OSD file through user interface without knowing its structure. Switch to Expert mode and get an extensive control.

Snapshot-based package creation

Ensure all resources are in place

App-V Generator employs a well-known and proven system snapshot comparison approach to create an App-V package, which guarantees that no changes done by original installation are missed (e.g. shortcut MSI advertising functionality, which typically does not work in virtualized apps).

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