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        PACE Suite 6.1: PSAppDeployToolkit and Windows Sandbox on Board

        PACE Product team is committed to empowering engineers with cutting-edge innovations for application packaging. With PACE Suite 6.1, we are taking things to the next level, introducing a range of new capabilities and updates. Explore the new Package Wrapper tool, repackaging in Windows Sandbox and Docker, simplified launch of PowerShell scripts in custom actions, and various other upgrades.

        Opening New Horizons for Fast & Easy App Deployment with the Editor for PSAppDeployToolkit

        The PowerShell App Deployment Toolkit (PSAppDeployToolkit) is gaining popularity in corporate environments, offering multiple functions for simplifying daily app packaging tasks—reducing complex scripting challenges, ensuring consistent deployment experiences, and enhancing installation success.

        PACE Suite’s new tool, Package Wrapper, by utilizing the PSAppDeployToolkit, simplifies app packaging and installation processes, making it valuable for enhancing productivity in corporate environments.

        Learn how to use Editor of the PSAppDeployToolkit in PACE Suite in this step-by-step guide .

        Packager Wrapper

        Capturing at Lightning Speed in Windows Sandbox

        Windows Sandbox is an integrated Windows OS feature that offers a temporary desktop environment for the secure execution of applications in isolation. Any software installed within the Windows Sandbox environment operates within a confined “sandbox,” ensuring it runs independently from the host machine.

        The main advantages of the Windows Sandbox include:

        • Integration. No installation or configuration is required since Windows Sandbox is an integrated feature.
        • Instant Launch and Shutdown. Windows Sandbox offers the convenience of immediate startup and closure, saving valuable time for users.
        • File Mapping. Source and output files are directly mapped, eliminating the need for file copying.
        • Optimized Resource Consumption. In contrast to a standard virtual machine (VM), the sandbox is optimized to use host system resources efficiently.

        The Windows Sandbox feature in PACE Suite 6.1 simplifies the capture process, making it super-fast. No more dealing with virtual machines and laborious, manual tasks, as all those processes are streamlined for greater convenience.

        Windows Sandbox Repackaging

        Swift and Efficient Bulk Repackaging with Docker

        In PACE Suite 6.1, we are introducing support for repackaging in Docker. Repackaging in Docker shares similarities with Windows Sandbox, offering enhanced convenience when dealing with multiple packages.

        While Docker Desktop does necessitate manual installation and configuration, unlike Windows Sandbox, which supports only one instance of the sandbox running simultaneously, Docker allows for concurrent capturing in multiple containers. Despite Docker’s limitations, such as the absence of a UI session in Windows images, it allows bulk conversion of MSI packages to MSIX, for example, or automatic conversion of an installation that supports silent mode.

        Repackaging Docker

        Easy Launch of PowerShell Scripts

        Custom actions for executing PowerShell scripts now offer three options for specifying the script’s storage location. The chosen storage location also influences the sequence in which the script is executed. We now support running the script in the early stages of the installer launch, immediately following the ‘InstallInitialize’ action. This flexibility allows for more streamlined and efficient scripting within the installation process.

        PowerShell Custom Actions

        Enhanced Performance of Remote Capturing

        We’ve changed how we handle resource archiving during repackaging, specifically for data transfers to and from remote virtual machines. Our new approach, powered by an improved algorithm and multi-threading, has boosted performance four times.

        Remote Capturing performance

        Check out the PACE Suite release notes and the User Guide User Guide for more details and how-to instructions. These updates are designed to make your application packaging more efficient and error-free. Enjoy using PACE Suite 6.1!