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        PACE Suite 5.6.1: Cumulative Updates

        Review all available new releases of the application packaging tool here.

        PACE Suite 5.6.1 is out now and presents new improvements for MSI Editor, MSI Generator, and Setup Capture.


        • Improved exclusion filters
        • Enhanced stability of work with large packages
        • Ability to manage the MSI database code page
        • Upgraded management of Environment variables, automatic integration of Active Setup
        • Fixed issues connected to Media settings, CAB creation
        • Corrected type detection of some registry values
        • Automatic clean-up of empty component(s) when removing its last resource
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        The detailed list of improvements and fixed issues


        Based on user feedback, we have introduced the following enhancements:

        Setup Capture
        • Content of the folder ‘%WINDIR%\Servicing’ is included in the exclusion list to improve packages’ purity.
        MSI Generator
        • By default, the ARP for the MSI package is pre-filled and enabled.
        MSI Editor
        • Ability to manage and change the MSI database code page setting which is per default set to UTF-8. With this improvement created MSI packages can be opened with old tools for MSI that do not support UTF-8 code pages.
        • By default, all shortcuts are set as Advertised according to the best practices.
        • When removing resources (files, registry, etc.) from the MSI package, the containing Components and ,if empty, their references with Features will also be removed.
        • When adding/editing the per-user Environment Variables, Active Setup is automatically integrated.
        • Windows Service identifiers (display name, service name, etc.) are automatically pre-filled on selecting a new service executable file.
        • When adding a new Service Install entry, the respective Service Control record is automatically added to manage the installed Windows Service.
        • The splash screen on the running functions of MSI Editor from Launcher is displayed to indicate the loading of the application.

        Fixed Issues

        In this release, we have also resolved the following:

        Setup Capture
        • Wrong type detection of some registry values.
        • Failure to start Remote Setup Capture if snapshot.config cannot be copied as the access is denied.
        • Issue with the upgrade of PACE Tuner installation on VMware ESXi.
        MSI Generator
        • Ignoring the shortcut settings and building always the advertised shortcuts.
        • Incorrect displaying of the system folders that the user can add to the MGP project.
        • Skipping some registry values with the wrongly detected value type when building MSI.
        • Ignoring permissions during MSI build if these permissions apply to the file that was not captured.
        • Crashing on opening a corrupted MGP project.
        • The automatically generated MSI PackageCode is not displayed on the Package tab.
        • Lack of ability to manually set the MSI PackageCode on the Package tab.
        • Failure of MSI building with the error ‘Length cannot be less than zero. Parameter name: length’.
        • Problem with opening massive projects such as captured Matlab.
        • Impossibility to build MSI if arguments for the Windows Service executable contain multiple slashes ‘//’ in a row.
        • Minor UI/UX changes with exclusion filters.
        • The total number of components in built MSI is greater than 65536, resulting in freezing of the installation.
        • The built MSI incorrectly stores changes to the existing Environment Variables. It leads to variable overwriting instead of appending a new value.
        • Issue with the permission inheritance on editing files and folder of the project.
        • Impossibility to build MST if there are only permission changes to be saved to MST.
        MSI Editor
        • The MSI that was rebuilt to uncompressed sources can’t install files with the error ‘Error reading from file….’.
        • After MSI rebuilding, the CAB name may exceed the max allowed of 8 characters in some cases.
        • Replacing the file with the ‘Rebuild existing CAB’ option leads to CAB corruption.
        • After adding or replacing files with the ‘Rebuild existing CAB’ appears the error ‘CAB with the same name already exists…’.
        • Crash on opening a corrupted MSI package.
        • Crash on opening MSI that has an incorrect (abnormal) date in Summary Info.
        • Image type in Summary Info is not changed according to the selected Media settings on the package rebuild.
        • Size of the MSI package with internal CABs after the rebuild is not reduced.
        • On import, the versioned files are saved to the MsiFileHash table.
        This update is recommended to all customers with active maintenance. Please check your PACE Suite and follow the new update pop-up instructions.