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        PACE Packager Hub: Resolving Application Packaging Workflow Challenges

        Are you facing excessive manual work with your current application packaging processes? Do you need to switch between multiple solutions to cover the whole package lifecycle? Are you experiencing problems with the correct order and team management? Do you find standard repository and workflow management software inconvenient?

        Application packaging teams of service providers and enterprises are not fully satisfied with the existing software for workflow, file and repository management, their low customization levels, and the necessity to switch between multiple tools to cover the complete packaging process.

        Let’s look deeper into the major challenges that packaging engineers, supervisors, and customers face during the application packaging lifecycle.

        Challenge 1: Usage of multiple tools to cover the whole packaging process

        Service providers and enterprises often utilize several solutions for communication with customers, packaging team management, and internal operations control. General workflow and repository tools are usually not connected, and integration between them is either very expensive or requires additional customizing on top. Such scattered landscape results in excessive manual work and additional financial expenses.

        Challenge 2: Common process management tools need additional customization

        General-purpose tools are not specifically adopted to packaging needs. They do not support the whole process of ordering and tracking packages. So companies need additional licenses and have to spend extra time and resources to set up the workflow according to their specific requirements.

        Challenge 3: Dispersed repositories

        The packaging environment is usually presented as a set of remote/local virtual machines with pre-installed packaging tools. Packages can be located in dispersed spaces with different names, which means they are not centralized and overall requiring many efforts to work with the tool. File exchange via FTP and Network Share repositories is usually performed manually and therefore too complicated, as packagers need to remember server types, credentials, package structure, etc. What is more, customers and packaging teams usually work with different storages, which makes a file transfer very inconvenient and not aligned with the workflow.

        Challenge 4: Too much manual repetitive work

        General-purpose tools require excessive manual work when working with multiple projects, as engineers must remember the sources’ names, locations, and other attributes to work with them. Switching between different projects may lead to severe mistakes and loss of data during package operations and deliveries.

        application packaging challenges

        How to resolve these challenges?

        Each challenge described above belongs to its problem area and requires a specific solution. Below, we list solutions to them in the same numeric order:

        #1 – Single center for application packaging process management
        #2 – Predefined workflow adopted to packaging needs
        #3 – Centralized workplace for file management
        #4 – Automation of the workflow

        Therefore, efficient software can provide a single solution for solving all these challenges.

        PACE Packager Hub: Single point for the complete package lifecycle management

        Relying on current market tech trends and packagers’ feedback, we have developed the tool tailored specifically to application packaging needs – PACE Packager Hub. It consists of the Task Manager and Repository Manager modules. The solution unites the necessary workflow and file management functionality in one tool to support the whole process of ordering packages: from placing an order to downloading the final package file. PACE Packager Hub enables a tool-driven approach with predefined processes and intuitive customization. It operates as a joining link between customers, supervisors, packaging engineers, and their tools.

        Depending on the need we provide you with the flexible purchase options. You can buy PACE Packager Hub or any of its modules separately. Our solution can also integrate the features of Pace Suite and third-party software.

        Enhance your application packaging experience with PACE Packager Hub.

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