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PACE Suite - Application Packaging & Virtualization Software PACE Suite - Application Packaging & Virtualization Software

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        PACE Packager Hub 2.5 Release: Boost Performance with New KPI Tracker

        We are excited to announce the new release of PACE Packager Hub. This web-based tool was created specifically for application packagers and their team leaders to manage and supervise the entire app packaging workflow — from submitting a packaging order to its successful delivery to customers.

        Furthermore, PACE Packager Hub serves as an excellent alternative to the most popular software for team and project management, tailored to the specific requirements of the application packaging domain.

        The new 2.5 update comes with modernized components that enhance the efficiency of managing the application packaging workflow. The revamped PACE Packager Hub boasts redesigned modules, enhanced capabilities, and entirely new features: a KPI tracker for measuring team performance, new SLA widgets, an improved Team’s Work Analytics module, and much more.

        Track Your Team’s Productivity with the New KPI Tracker

        In the 2.5 update, we’ve prepared a new module – the KPI Tracker, which measures the performance of the application packaging team by tracking the time spent on each phase of packaging orders, allowing the team leaders to track each engineer’s effectiveness and performance.

        New KPI Tracker

        Keep a Sharp Eye on Overdue & Soon-to-Expire Orders

        We’ve added two new widgets to help you keep track of SLAs more effectively. The “SLA Time Left” widget shows orders that are overdue or nearly due, giving you a clear view of what needs attention. The “SLA Target Day” widget tells you the exact date an order must be completed according to the SLA.

        SLA Tracker Widgets

        Take Advantage of Transparent and Single-View Teamwork Analytics

        Get a comprehensive view of your team’s work with advanced reporting. Here, you can easily see each engineer’s active and completed orders, whether they met SLAs, and analyze work quality by such criteria as project, packaging, and quality control engineers. In addition, this feature enables you to create reports with detailed information on the team’s workload, KPI metrics, etc.


        Reduce Human Errors with Smarter Configuration of Business Rules

        In this release, we’ve enhanced the Business Rules to make your app managing workflow simpler. In general, they describe how everyday tasks should be done while saving time and reducing human errors. The improvements include:

        • More options for the By Time rule trigger for precise rule execution.
        • Setting a new value for the order attribute that includes values of any other attributes.
        • Sending email notifications to custom email addresses.
        • Using SLA Tracker information in rule conditions for better order selection.

        For more details and how-to instructions, check out the PACE Packager Hub Release Notes and the User Guide.

        These updates are designed to make your application packaging workflow more efficient and error-free. Enjoy using PACE Packager Hub 2.5!

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