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If you have installed PACE Suite with the Skip entering a product key now option or your current license is expired, you can activate your copy of PACE Suite with the provided license key.

As PACE Suite consists of MSI Editor, MSI Generator, Quality Approver and Docu Generator, you have to activate all these tools separately.

  1. Run MSI Editor either from the Start Menu shortcut or from Launcher.

    img_start-menu-shortcuts img_desktop-shortcuts

  2. –°lick Enter the license key.


  3. Enter your license key and click Register.



    If you are using the desktop version of Microsoft Outlook, ensure that the Auto Remove Line Breaks feature is disabled. Otherwise, your keys may be displayed incorrectly, and often that is the cause of the Invalid key error.

  4. Repeat the activation process for MSI Generator, Quality Approver and Docu Generator, launching them from the desktop or the start menu shortcut.

    img_start-menu-shortcuts img_desktop-shortcuts


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