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[MSI] Import files and COMΒΆ

Import files along with their, extracted on-the-fly, COM information to the MSI package.


Precondition: Open an MSI package in MSI Editor (see Open MSI/MST).

  1. Go to the Package Designer > Files and folders tab.


  2. Select Import files from the context menu where you need to import files.


  3. Select Add > Add files to choose files (or Add > Add folder to choose a folder with all of its child items).


  4. Choose files, which you want to import and click Open.


  5. Click Next to manage the import settings.


  6. Select the feature-component assignment settings and INI handling options and click Next.


    INI handling


    1st option

    INI files, which comply with the INI file format, will be saved to the IniFile table. INI files, which contain unsupported data, will be saved to the File table as binary files.

    2nd option

    All INI files will be saved only to the File table as binary files.

    3rd option

    All INI files will be saved to the File table as binary files and only a valid content of these INI files will be duplicated to the IniFile table.


    Use this option to install not valid INI files keeping their original structure and to update the necessary INI file values.

  7. Review COM information, automatically extracted from the selected DLL, OCX, LTB files. To include this COM information to the package, tick the Import COM information option and click Finish.


  8. To choose the media settings (compresion type) for the imported files, go to the Package Designer > Media settings tab. For additional information, see [MSI] Change media (compression type).



In fact, the selected files will be imported to the package only during saving the package. The Media table will be filled-in after the file import.

Save the package before running the ICE or other validation.


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