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Add Active Setup into existing MSIΒΆ

Integrate the ActiveSetup into your package to propagate the per-user resources for every logged-in user.

The ActiveSetup is the registry value that triggers the repair function of the installed MSI package to restore the missing per-user files and registry during the user log-in.


Precondition: Open an MSI package in MSI Editor (see Open MSI/MST).

  1. Create a new component for the Active Setup:
    1. Go to the Package Designer > Features and components tab.


    2. Select New component from the context menu of a feature that will be installed. It is recommended to use the feature that contains per-machine resources (e.g. Complete).


    3. Enter a component Name (e.g. ActiveSetup) and click Save.


  2. Add Active Setup registry value:
    1. Go to the Package Designer > Registry tab.


    2. Select New key from the context menu of the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE hive.


    3. Enter Key Software\Microsoft\Active Setup\Installed Components\[ProductCode], select the created component for the Active Setup (e.g. ActiveSetup) and click Add.


    4. Select New value from the context menu of the created Software\Microsoft\Active Setup\Installed Components\[ProductCode] key.


    5. Enter Name StubPath, Value msiexec /fups [ProductCode] /qb. Check that Type is set to String value (REG_SZ). Select the created component for the Active Setup (e.g. ActiveSetup) from the Component_ field. Afterwards, click Save.



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