PACE Packager Hub consists of two modules:

  • task-manager Task Manager
    Includes the functionality needed to manage tasks (orders for packaging) and perform activities associated with this process.
  • repository-manager Repository Manager
    Includes the functionality needed to store and manage packages in repositories; run automation scripts against packages and deliver the output packages.

Functionality of modules:

Task Manager

Repository Manager

  • Create and track orders

  • Move orders by workflow

  • Manage order attributes

  • Communicate about the order

  • Upload/download order artifacts

  • Manage order links

  • Customize order types, workflows and attributes

  • Support of multiple isolated projects

  • Store project docs (next releases)

  • Analytics/reporting, team workload (next releases)

  • Review history of order changes (next releases)

  • Get notifications about order changes (next releases)

  • Track order SLA (next releases)

  • Search for orders (next releases)

  • View and manage packages in repositories

  • Run automation scripts/cmd against packages

  • Deliver output packages

  • Check file integrity on delivery

  • Download the delivered packages

  • Support of multiple isolated projects

  • Search for packages (next releases)

  • Package archiving (next releases)

  • Package Version Control (next releases)

  • Integration with deployment systems (next releases)


PACE Packager Hub PACE Packager Hub is an end-to-end ecosystem that is fully dedicated to customer servicing, teamwork, and management of packaging tasks in teams of any size - learn more.

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